Dalmation Jasper


Dalmation Jasper


Birthstone Month:

Jasper the gemstone associated with the birthstone month of January.



Jasper is associated with the zodiac signs of Aquarius and Leo.


Chemical Symbol:



Chemical Make-up:

Jasper is a microcrystalline variety of the mineral Quartz, and a member of the Chalcedony family. It often contains organic material and iron oxides that account for its interesting patterns, bands, and colors.


History & Lore:

The name Jasper means “spotted stone”, and is ultimately thought to be derived from the Persian word 'yashp'.


Jasper was a favorite gemstone of ancient times and can be traced back to Greek, Hebrew, Persian, Latin, and Assyrian literature.


Jasper is a protective stone and is said to align the chakras and balance yin and yang energies. In legend Jasper was believed to protect against evil spirits and forces, and was also believed to bring courage and relief from pain. It is also said to protect against venomous snake and spider bites.


Dalmation Jasper is believed to be beneficial for relationships by seeing their strengths and weaknesses, increasing loyalty, and removing illusions. As with most Jasper varieties, Dalmation Jasper is believed to protect one from nightmares, depression, and negative energies.



Dalmatian Jaspers are available at affordable prices.



Dalmatian Jaspers are often sourced from Mexico.



Jasper is rated at 6.5 to 7 on the Moh's Scale of Hardness and it should be protected from scratches and sharp blows. Dalmation Jasper is an opaque, white to greyish white stone delicately spotted with brownish black and black spots which is reminiscent of a dalmatian, hence the name.


Important value factors to consider when evaluating Dalmation Jasper is the saturation and richness of color, the beauty of the spots, and the design in which it is formed.


Common Cuts:

Dalmation Jasper is most commonly and almost exclusively found cut into cabochons and beads.


Routine Enhancements:

Dalmation Jasper is not known to be enhanced.


Care & Cleaning:

Jaspers are often sealed with petroleum products and therefore they should not be cleaned with water because it can remove the polish / seal. It is best to clean your Jasper jewelry with a soft dry cloth. As with most gemstones, Jaspers should be kept away from prolonged exposure to extremes of heat and household chemicals that can damage the stone. Always keep your Jasper jewelry in a fabric-lined box away from other jewelry items in order to avoid damage / scratching.